C&N Cosmetics “associate with take care of and share with” our customers.
We are small but strong company. We develop and produce high-quality cosmetics and pet products.
We always do our best to be the company that provides high-quality cosmetics and service that can satisfy the needs of our customers. We have obtained patents for prevention of hair loss, certincation for manufacturing quasi-drugs, ISO cenification, clean place of business certification and clinical test with university hospital. We also have good quality of OEM/ODM facilities and years of OEM/ODM experience. Thank you.

CORPORATE NAME / C&N Cosmetics Co.. Ltd
CEO / Young sook KIM
PRIMARY BUSINESS AREAS / Skin Care Products ,Make-up Base products, Functional cosmetic products (hair/body) quasi-drugs (cosmetics), quasi-drugs (pet products), and manufacturing of OEM/ODM
MAJOR BRANDS /“HONGWHASOO”, “Dewval” and“Hairgulu” (Hair care products), “Yepee” and “Playdog” (Pet products)
PLACE / beauty (barber) shop, maior supermarket, ontine shopping mall and export (Japan, China, U.S., Southeast Asia)
HOMEPAGE / www.cnncos.co.kr
ONLINE SHOPPING MALL / www.cnncosmall.co.kr
E-MAIL / cnncos@hanmail.net